There are rainbows all over the internets and I can't wipe the smile off my face. Part of the smile comes from the simple happiness radiating from my Facebook — those rainbow profile pics are so fun! Changing my profile pic on Facebook to the transparent rainbow over a pic of me and my husband... Continue Reading →

Lack of sleep — it sounds so innocuous. How about sleep depravation — sounds a bit dramatic. As parents of two young kids, we hear both of these phrases spoken loudly, with pride, worn like a badge of honour, a competition over who has the worst life right now. Someone complains, someone nods knowingly, both... Continue Reading →

The kid just realised he can get himself out of his new bed. I heard a loud crash In the playroom downstairs (not his head) and almost expired with fright. Raced downstairs to big eyes in an angelic head just playing with his trains like it was no biggie. 37 times back in bed, out... Continue Reading →

I remember in primary school, our teacher would test our observation skills. Every morning, we would sit down and she would sweetly and diligently ask us things like "Is our school on 'Smith Rd' or 'Smith's Rd'? Each morning, our stomachs churned with delight or utter disbelief, dependent on what we had noticed and what... Continue Reading →

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