There are rainbows all over the internets and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Part of the smile comes from the simple happiness radiating from my Facebook — those rainbow profile pics are so fun! Changing my profile pic on Facebook to the transparent rainbow over a pic of me and my husband felt fun and easy to do and a simple way to send a signal and join in the fun. But, the reality of the situation only really sunk in when a friend of mine said,

I wonder if anyone realizes just how much a simple profile picture change means to those of us still hoping for equality. Thank you x

I thought about the people I know who are directly affected by the announcement that the USA Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal across the nation. There are those who are resolute in their decision that marriage is not for them; there are those who have been planning their weddings for a while now, hopeful that their fantasy will become a reality. Many of these people have been together for far longer than any marriages I have seen come and go. I smile as I think about these people, our friends, and realise that it’s not about whether a man should be allowed to marry a man, or a woman a woman — it’s about being two humans, choosing to lean into each other and shape a life, together.

Back in the glory days of a relatively new relationship, my husband and I decided, that marriage was for us. For me, it was an easy yes or no, will we or won’t we—and it was entirely up to us. It was almost automatic. Of course we’ll get married! We belong together! The only things we had to consider were what we were going to wear, what we were going to eat (the most important), and who we were going to invite! Imagine not being allowed to get caught up in the delight of planning a celebration of the love we had grown together! Inconceivable!

So, from where I sit, in my cosy, mundane, beautiful life, I sincerely hope that very soon, my Australian friends who love each other and who want to commit to each other in a legal and formal way, will be free to make that choice. Will they or won’t they? It really doesn’t matter. As long as they can be free to decide for themselves.