This is my most truthful and secret diary. Please read at your own risk. Who knows what may be revealed…

So, diary… it’s been a couple of months. I’ve been fully immersed in My Year of Art School with Make Art that Sells.  I won’t lie, it has been … big … huge! I have so much I want to share, but time is always so precious, especially at this end of the day when the baby birdies are mewling for their food, their cuddles, their everything.

So here’s what I have for you, diary. Remember for me so I can revisit again later.



  1. The Money Badass (MBA) 

Well hello Money, how do you do? Do I love you? Do I even know what to do with you? I do now! What a month January was — every single day, soul searching, finding out who I want to be when I grow up, sticking to a plan, crying a bit when I realised I am more comfortable with fear than I am with abundance. Then that feeling of steely determination reasserting its gorgeous self, nudging me onwards.

Some warmups below (click on images to zoom and read captions)

Several iterations of my name as a logo (click on images to zoom and read captions)

2. Booooootcamp!

Get in here and check it out. I’m two months in and it’s incredible how far I’ve been pushed already. It goes like this: Step 1:  Stretch. Mysterious instructions to  ‘gather small objects around the house that are just one colour’ or ‘get some different mediums and see what you can do with texture…’ Step 2:  Warm up — ‘draw flowers, with pencils, using these colours…’ or ‘draw opposites, lots of them!’ Then, when you’re wondering if you can ever draw another magnolia, the final assignment is given, the assignment which brings all of the elements together. It’s invigorating, puzzling, thrilling, frustrating, all the adjectives, all the emotions. Here’s what it looked like for me (click on images for captions and a closer look):

February stretches and warmups (click on images to zoom and read captions).

Which turned into…

March Stretches and warmups


Which somehow turned into these Salt & Pepper Grinders. Ah, gotta love the creative process, right?!
The Spicy Coterie: Make your dinner party. I really want to keep going with this concept and apply it to all manner of ‘things’. It was wonderful to really flex my creative muscle. If you hop over to Instagram you can read these characters’ back stories. *grin

3. Portfolio Review

This was astounding. I have updated my website to a point where it is almost ready for me to send my work out. It was a week-by-week look at all of the ways we let the world see our work: websites, instagram, branding etc etc. Have a look at my new pretty site here.

What else I’ve been up to…

If you’re all the way down this far on the page, I humbly thank you for sticking with me. My next e-newsletter is due out in a couple of weeks (smack bang in the middle of school holidays) and includes a funny tidbit from a David Sedaris book. xx  Sign up here! I’d love to see your name on the list. 🙂

Until next time, Me.