I love seeing the process of others’ work, so I thought I’d share some of mine below. It’s not short. Maybe take a moment for a stretch and a cup of something warm. Or cold. Whatever hemisphere you’re in — chose an appropriate beverage. Yip!

First, a quick diary entry:

Dearest diary.

I am so glad you’re here. I need to talk! Last time I wrote, I mentioned Make Art That Sells ‘My Year of Art School’.  I was full of beans and so thrilled to be a part of it! Has that changed? Nup. Learning is my one true love. Although lately, I have noticed a bit of negative energy as I ride the creative process rollercoaster. I’m at that bit where I wonder if I am actually any good. Funny huh. Cos, even though I can see I am working hard, and producing some great stuff, I noticed myself looking at what others are up to and I succumbed to the comparison germ. What a germ. Sigh. Anyway, I have ridden this rollercoaster so many times (twice today, I’m sure) that I know this will pass. Soon, I’ll be cruising at the right altitude.

And now for a little view into some of my work from the wobbly starts, to the finished illustrations.

You wanna see what I’ve been up to with Make Art That Sells? Please say yes. And please, keep this stuff safe for me so I can look at it in a year and see how much my work has developed.

April MATS Bootcamp Assignment

The mini assignment was to play around with textured mediums and draw Japanese tea vessels, called ‘Chawan’. We also had to draw a teahouse and various other bits and pieces relating to Japan and the concept of ‘Wabi Sabi,’ explored in Beth Kempton’s latest book called… wait for it… ‘Wabi Sabi‘. The research and reading for this assignment was incredible. I learned so much and I am really quite enamoured with my tea vessels! The teahouse, however,  didn’t make the cut in the end. #sorryteahouse

Acrylic and textured mediums.


It’s not the teahouse’s fault. I really can’t stand this illustration, though I love the smeary orange and blue/green/brown bits on the right and the moon is kind of cool too.


The main assignment was to illustrate an article written by Beth Kempton. I adore editorial illustration — you get to read and draw! Plus, I decided to design the layout of the article which is something I haven’t done in years. I love the interplay between words and images. See those circles? They’re my warm-up paintings, cut into beautiful shapes. I talked about them in last month’s newsletter (sign up here). You just never know when you might need a circle!

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May MATS Bootcamp Assignment.

Gosh this one was an enormous undertaking. For the mini portion, we were asked to draw some objects, provided to us — followed by the main assignment which was to illustrate a graphic novel page. One of the ways I like to get into a concept is to make myself a book. I have a treasured long-arm stapler which I use to make A4-sized sketchbooks (12pp). For some reason this always gets me motivated. I just love filling them up. And once they’re done with, I make them into artists’ books. I am not sure if graphic novel illustration is in my future, though I really enjoyed the brief. My aim was to deliver a very short soap opera or tiny episode of a serial drama. I’ll let you have a look and decide my future prospects as a graphic novel illustrator.



The final graphic novel page. Do you think they look like they’re pouting in an episode of ‘The Bold & the Beautiful?’


Editorial Illustration Course

This course started a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you, this is the ONE I have been really really really looking forward to! Squeeeee! Editorial illustration is all about illustrating concepts. You get to read and draw. I know I said that already, right? BUT IT IS THE TRUTH AND I AM EXCITED BY THE TRUTH! Oops. Capslock. Ha.

Here’s what we have so far:



We were once again, tasked with drawing random objects and concepts. I chose to use watercolour and then add black line drawings in photoshop.


Several objects and concepts mixed together to form a full-page dummy illustration.


My imagined article. One day it might become reality! woooooo.



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My gratitude goes beyond words — it was a truly transformative experience being mentored by Zoë and I still apply so much of what I learned to my own work today.

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Laters! See you next time.