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Who am I? Me. Zoe. I am an illustrator, creative mentor and graphic designer. I would like to add ‘author-illustrator’ to that one day too. 

I live with two kidlets, a husband, a cat and my imagination (One day I’ll introduce you to Wish Wish). I love #hashtagsthatarentreallyhastags #subersivehashtagging #rad.  

I love small and expensive things, flowers, Japanese design, paper, stationery, trying new things just for fun (trampolining, boxing, sewing, crochet, ballet), and and and… I’ve quite an anxious soul, but am learning more and more, to just chill. Give me bread with my butter and chocolate, but not cake. The thing I most dislike about myself is that I find it hard to turn off my brain when I should be listening to my guts (my guts surprise me often with their wisdom). #thatisall #Iamalsoveryuntidy

Why is this blog called ‘Hoodlum Friends’? I am a sentimental kid at heart, with some of my fondest childhood memories linked to our old record player and the most enormous speakers I’ve ever seen, growing up in the late 70s and 80s. They were bigger than me for quite a number of years. One of the records that was played over and over and over, was Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the key of Life’. Of the three songs that were played ’til I am sure something wore out, ‘I wish‘ was the one that is still on high rotation in my life. Have a listen. I can’t keep my feet still! 

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