The kid just realised he can get himself out of his new bed. I heard a loud crash In the playroom downstairs (not his head) and almost expired with fright. Raced downstairs to big eyes in an angelic head just playing with his trains like it was no biggie. 37 times back in bed, out... Continue Reading →

I remember in primary school, our teacher would test our observation skills. Every morning, we would sit down and she would sweetly and diligently ask us things like "Is our school on 'Smith Rd' or 'Smith's Rd'? Each morning, our stomachs churned with delight or utter disbelief, dependent on what we had noticed and what... Continue Reading →

Our neighbours had a party last night. We were forewarned, casually over the back fence, which was nice. We then found a very considered, neatly typed note, in the letterbox — another thoughtful addition. Having moved here six months ago, we have had some interesting times settling in. After a few introduced themselves immediately after... Continue Reading →

Waking up to soft, chubby, dribbly  hands, exploring my face with earnest little cooing noises gargling through the slobber. A moment of serendipity, running into the huzz at the local shops and feeling that flutter of excitement — so much that I run towards him in slow motion, with the music swelling until we embrace,... Continue Reading →

I went grocery shopping — skipped out of the house, down the stairs, across the luscious lawn, bipped my way into the car, engine kicks over and I'm FREE! Slowly slowly, navigate my way, 'round the corner, past all the parked cars blocking my view, onto the busy road, manage my way through three sets... Continue Reading →

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