"You're so smart!"  For three or four sublime seconds, she feels a blush of recognition (secretly imagining that this is what Claudia Schiffer  felt when she was discovered in that Düsseldorf nightclub). Soon after, her eyes narrow, pondering the possibility of her admirer being hopelessly stupid, therefore rendering her only marginally superior in intellect, if... Continue Reading →

Hello Zoë, it's me, your bossy Overbearing Thought Processes. Do you remember, about a year ago, you went to the launch of, My Dog Bigsy, at Where the Wild Things Are bookstore? You met a lovely young woman who had just had her picturebook published. She innocently asked "So, are you a writer?". (At this... Continue Reading →

I have had a little hiccup (hiccough is awful, ok?) in my picturebook. Not really a hiccup, but some really excellent advice which has stopped me in my tracks and made me wonder how on earth I am going to solve this! I have been pondering and worrying and frowning and then, finally today, I... Continue Reading →

Tap, tap, tap, click. Squint. Scrub-scrub-scrub, click... sigh... pause... These are the sounds accompanying my precious work hours and every spare minute I have as I slowly, yet urgently work my way towards sending my first picturebook to a Power That Bes (Be's?). A 'Power that Be's' is one of those publishing people who will... Continue Reading →

Remove pegs from the clothes horse. Throw them over the balcony. Line them up on the floor of the walk-in pantry. Or, just leave them on the ground with the damp clothing. Remove any flower or tiny unripe tomato from every plant. 'Mow' the parsley with a dustpan and brush. Shred the basil. Repeat. Show... Continue Reading →

On Friday I said goodbye to someone I have known for about five years. When we sat down and quantified the time, I was shocked. FIVE YEARS. To put the significance of five years into perspective, let me highlight several key 'fives'. The downstairs. For five years, I lived in my treasured downstairs flat, the first... Continue Reading →

I love snippets of conversation -- listening in to other people's lives, quietly, secretly. Is there a website for that? An archive of unconnected phrases, exclamations, ums and uh-huhs. "No she didn't!" I walk the paths of our neighbourhood, where many a mysterious, snippet of a one-sided mobile phone conversation was overheard: two women, earnestly... Continue Reading →

There are rainbows all over the internets and I can't wipe the smile off my face. Part of the smile comes from the simple happiness radiating from my Facebook — those rainbow profile pics are so fun! Changing my profile pic on Facebook to the transparent rainbow over a pic of me and my husband... Continue Reading →

Lack of sleep — it sounds so innocuous. How about sleep depravation — sounds a bit dramatic. As parents of two young kids, we hear both of these phrases spoken loudly, with pride, worn like a badge of honour, a competition over who has the worst life right now. Someone complains, someone nods knowingly, both... Continue Reading →

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